Get Private Class 1 on 1


Hola, are you interested in 1 on 1 private tutoring and Spanish talks with me? Muy bien, me encanta. Please read the following carefully and contact me via the mail listed below.

What I need to know:

  • What do you think is your level in Spanish language and what do you want to learn/do?
  • How many hours do you wish to spend 1 on 1?
  • Do you have skype and paypal accounts?
  • What is your mother tongue and your country of residence?
  • What is your estimated total budget?

What you need to know:

  • I am a native Castilian Spanish speaker and have lived in Mallorca and Barcelona.
  • Besides Spanish, I speak English, French, and Dutch very fluently. Also some German.
  • I am the guy rhat makes Spanish videos on Youtube and his podcast and you need to base your interest on that.
  • The price is 20 US dollars / € euro’s for 30 minutes, 40 for a one hour live session.

What I can certainly do:

  • Assist and correct your pronunciation, verbs conjugation, etc in Castilian Spanish.
  • Have conversations with you so you learn how to communicate taking initiative yourself.
  • Help you form phrases, ask questions, give answers, etc. See it as a Spanish assistant / chat pal.

So, if you are interested, contact me with the requested info and I’ll prepare you a quote. Mail:

Get Private Class 1 on 1