Asking the price of items in Spanish




¿Podría hacerme una rebaja? Could you give me a discount?
Páseme el presupuesto, por favor. Pass me the budget, please.
Hágame un descuento en este artículo, a ver si me animo. Make me a discount on this item, maybe I’ll be interested in buying it.
Aquel artículo está en oferta, ¡démelo! por favor. That item is on sale. Give it to me please!
¿Aceptaría mi tarjeta de crédito? Would you accept my credit card?
Espéreme, voy a buscar mi tarjeta de débito. Wait, I’m going to look for my debit card.
Hágame un favor, ¿podría darle un cheque? Do me a favor, could you give him a check?
Voy a la venta anual del centro comercial que está cerca de mi casa. I’m going to the annual sale of the mall that’s close to my house.
A todas las personas les gustaría que sus artículos preferidos estuvieran con descuento. Everybody would like that their favorite ’tems were on sale.
Van a aceptar más fácilmente su tarjeta de débito ¡llévesela! They’ll be more likely to accept your debit card, bring it with you!




artículo (m) item
descuento (m) discount
estar en oferta to be on sale
mercado de pulgas (m) flea market
precio (m) price
presupuesto (m) budget
producto (m) product
rebaja (f) discount
tarjeta de crédito (f) credit card
tarjeta de débito (f) debit card
venta (f) sale



Shopping phrases

Shopping in Hispanic countries can be an exciting experience for foreigners. This is due not only to the fact that there are interesting handicrafts and exotic foods and goods to buy, but also to the experience of shopping in a market where prices are not fixed and one must haggle. Of course, there are also modern shopping malls with large chain stores which do have fixed prices.

In order to be able to make purchases you will need to know how to use the following expressions. Notice that there are different expressions for market shopping and store shopping.

Store shopping/fixed prices

¿Cuánto cuesta esta falda? How much does this skirt cost?
¿En cuánto está esta camisa How much does this shirt cost?
¿Cuánto valen estos pantalones? How much are these pants?

When shopping in a store the most common phrases to ask the price of an item begin with “Cuánto vale/valen” or “Cuánto cuesta/cuestan.” If the item you are inquiring about is singular, use the singular verb form (e.g. vale/cuesta). If the item is plural (i.e. grapes, apples etc.), use the plural form of the verb (e.g. valen/cuestan).

Market shopping/haggling

¿En cuánto me deja usted este tapete? How much do you want for this rug?
Le doy cien pesos. I’ll give you ten pesos.
¿Me lo deja en cincuenta pesos? Will you give it to me for fifty pesos?


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