Describe an invention that will make you rich some day in Spanish.

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Voy a inventar una nueva pasta de dientes.I’m going to invent a new toothpaste.
Cuando yo era niño siempre inventaba nuevas máquinas.When I was a kid I would always invent new machines.
Hacer una nueva invención requiere mucha creatividad.Making a new invention requires a lot of creativity.
Me gustaría dedicarme a inventar cosas pero me faltan los recursos.I would like to work on inventing things but I lack the resources.
Ojalá pudieramos inventar algo para mejorar el aire de México.I wish we could invent something to improve Mexico’s air.
El medio ambiente ha sufrido por muchas de las invenciones de la modernidad.The environment has suffered from many of the inventions of modernity.
Deberíamos de inventar un modo de transporte que no haga tanto daño al medio ambiente.We ought to invent a mode of transportation that doesn’t do so much damage to the environment.
Muchas invenciones nos ahorran tiempo, otras simplemente nos hacen flojos.Most inventions save us time, others simply make us lazy.
Voy a inventar una empresa de excursiones naturales.I’m going to invent a company of natural excursions.
¿Es cierto que Bill Gates inventó el internet?Is it true that Bill Gates invented the internet?


Using “IR” to express the future

In English there are two ways to say something in the future, “I will eat tomorrow” and “I’m going to eat tomorrow.” Similarly in Spanish we can form the future with the verb IR by saying “going to.” To do this, use the conjugated form of the verb IR followed by the preposition “a” (to) and then the infinitive of the main verb.


Yo voy a buscar su carro ahora.I’m going to search your car now.
Tú vas a llegar muy tarde.You are going to arrive very late.
Usted va a trabajar con Marta.You’re going to work with Marta.
María va a estar bien, gracias.Maria is going to be fine, thanks.
Ellas van a bajar del carro.They’re going to get out of the car.

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