Describe yourself to others in Spanish.


Me estoy quedando pelón. I’m going bald.
Soy bajito. Mido un metro y 20. I’m short. I’m 1 meter and 20 cm. tall.
Soy muy puntual. Siempre llego a tiempo a todas partes. I’m very punctual. I always arrive on time everywhere.
Me gusta bailar y leer mucho. I like to dance and read a lot.
Me interesan las artes y los viajes. I’m interested in the arts and travels.
Ella es muy ordenada. She is very organized.
Te puedes fiar de él, es muy cumplidor. You can trust him, he’s very reliable.


Special meanings to “TENER”

The verb “TENER” is used in several phrases that do not translate directly into Engilsh. These are related to physical needs that a person may have. In English we say, “I am hungry, I am thirsty, I am cold, I am tired, I am afraid, I am right.” In Spanish, however, each of these sentences is made with the verb TENER. Notice that this means that each of the phrases is spoken with nouns in Spanish, “I have hunger, I have thirst, etc.).

Yo tengo hambre. I am hungry.
Juan tiene sed. Juan is thirsty.
Nosotros tenemos frío. We are cold.
Marcos tiene sueño. Marcos is sleepy.
Ellos tienen miedo. They are afraid.
José tiene calor. Jose is hot.
Ana tiene prisa. Ana is in a hurry.
Susana tiene razón. Susana is right.

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